Scrub Budz presents the Altercation Equation Round Two

Altercation Equation Round 2

MadHatter News

Are you ready for more Twitch-streamed live recordings? In a continuation of celebrating our 100th episode, Will and Hatter are battling it out across the remaining 30 fighting games from the collection of 100 titles that they put together, both classic and bizarre!

At the end of round one at 70 matches, it’s EXTREMELY close with Hatter in the lead, 36 to Will’s 34 victories!

The recorded episodes will be posted later as well, of course, with traditional Scrub Budz flair.

Once this whole shindig is over with, a MEGA episode that contains all 100 matches will be posted in conjunction with an incredible music compilation album featuring 43 tracks (One for every Street Fighter-themed video game so far) from amazing artists such as Dan Bull, DJ RoboRob, King Pheenix, MC Supernatural, Mega Ran, MegaDriver, Minibosses, Mitch Murder, Richie Branson, RPG-Unit, Ryu Black, Soup or Villainz, The Adventures of Duane & Brand0, Zircon, and more!


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