Scrub Budz from Austin, TX

    • MadHatter and Will of the Scrub Budz dressed up and playing Otamatones for a special announcement
    • Richard and Mark of the Scrub Budz during the Scrub Bowl
    • Will of the Scrub Budz
    • Richard of the Scrub Budz dressed as The Real Frederick Krugeer
    • MadHatter of the Scrub Budz getting distracted by the dudes
    • Mark of the Scrub Budz
    • Will and MadHatter of the Scrub Budz
    • Mark of the Scrub Budz looking very concerned
    • Richard of the Scrub Budz editing an episode
    • Mark, MadHatter, and Will of the Scrub Budz doing a live charity event at the Microsoft Store in Austin, TX

    “Scrub Budz” is an unpredictable comedy Let’s Play video series focused on classic gaming. It’s hosted by four IRL buddies from Austin that once met each other working for the same web hosting company.

    Richard is the “straight man,” who cracks the whip when needs be and attempts to keep everything on schedule. He often sets himself on his own laughing fits and his alternate “Grandpa” persona often gets him into trouble. Those awesome sketches you see that look like the members, and those special animated characters in the episodes? Yeah, he does those, he’s artistic like that. Did I also mention that he’s Zeus?

    Mark is the tech, with expertise in sound and video recording. Usually the “shy” one, his deadpan delivery is in radical contrast to the other hosts, which often brings hilarity. His lack of knowledge and practice in classic video games is a wonderful treat to behold. He does most of the video edits, but Richard has been helping him out by editing a lot of episodes lately as well.

    MadHatter is the goofball of the troupe, often doing things in games that will get more laughs than points. However, when it’s time to compete, he lays that smack down. A hunter and librarian-style organizer of almost every classic game, he helps pick out the gameplay. On the side, he assists Richard in designing logos and graphics for the show.

    Will brings a strange balance of harmony and chaos to the show, which seems to switch at random intervals. The scholar of the group, his game knowledge is nearly limitless. He also can reach the highest decibel level of noise, is the tallest dude, and is semi-fluent in Japanese. All of the costumes and special props you see in live skits and photos are provided by Will, who buys random shit from Goodwill in bulk.

    The show itself has different types of episodes: “Ride or Die,” where a player picks a favorite game and then attempts to beat it using only the lives and continues originally provided. “VS Mode,” in which thee Budz compete against each other or in teams. “Co-op,” which has the Budz working together to take on the same game. There’s also a standard “Solo” gameplay style.

    While they love recording episodes and interacting with viewers of the show, they are very interested in doing live events, conventions, and charity drives to really hang out with fellow gamers and give them something special beyond the screen.



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    Armor Equipped: Level 1 (55 XP)

    Wooden Shield - Has been on the Scrub Club roster for 1 year (+10) Officer's Jacket - Has performed their skills live 5 times (+5) Caper Costume - A project that has a focus on heroes or villains (+5) Cloak of Many Faces - A project that features an artist using an alias or assuming a fictional role (+15) Sir Dimwit's Holiday Hat - A project that features a specific holiday (+20)

    Weapons Equipped: Level 5 (400 XP)

    Sword of the Four Seasons - Released 4 projects (+400)


    Pocketwatch of Sluggishness - A project that clocks in over 60 minutes (+10) Backstage Ticket of Legend - A project that features a live recording (+10) Key to the Mind - A project that contains some of the artist's most known material (+15) Jovial Junk Food - A project that has a focus on comedy (+15) Fresh Fish Out of Water - The very first Scrub Club release by this artist (+10) Controller of Button Mashing - A project that has a focus on video games (+15) Exquisite Cheese - A project that features one or more skits (+15) Hearty Beef 'n' Bone - A project that contains a diss (+10) The Neverending Story - A musical project that has over 20 tracks or a video series with over 20 episodes (+20) Retro Game Pak - A project that has a focus on classic gaming (+5) Madcraft Iron Pick - MadHatter's personal favorite project by this artist (+15)


    Currently available for:

    • Convention Panels
    • Keynotes / public speaking
    • Gallery showings
    • In-stores / appearances
    • Gaming / tournaments
    • Hosting / announcing
    • Clothes modeling
    • House parties / special occasions
    • Podcasts / audio and video interviews
    • Email / chat interviews


    Fee: Travel and lodging (if applicable) plus donation.

    Local airport code: AUS.

    International booking: Yes, and have valid passports.

    To book the Scrub Budz, please fill out this form!