Scrub Club Games

  • The Paradox Gaming System by MadHatter
  • Burst Nexus, a PHP-based conversion of Legend of the Red Dragon

Both games are currently under development, but are close to being released. Unfortunately, for now, that means the release date for both are both set by the Dukem Nukem Forever mantra: “When it’s done.”

The “Paradox Gaming System” is an Open Source, original pen and paper role playing system created by MadHatter. Its focus is to bring ease, customization, and storytelling to the forefront of RPGs rather than long, boring mathematics and over-complexity. “Time Paradox” is a standalone storyline also by Hatter, which has its own universe and lore.

“Burst Nexus” is a complete, updated remake of Legend of the Green Dragon, a PHP conversion of the epic BBS door game Legend of the Red Dragon from way, way back in the day. It’s a super-immersive, utterly random, fiercely competitive, horribly tasteless MMORPG that takes place only in text.

Also be on the lookout for Scrub Club Clan (SCC) information coming soon, so you can game with us in all your favorite titles!